Welcome to Wellness Traveller, a site designed to help you find ways to enhance your wellbeing.

I am delighted to share my knowledge and experience of over 20 years in travel and wellness tourism. I was inspired to create my own site, after finding that endless searches on wellness issues often resulted in general health holiday packages rather than the wellbeing information I was looking for. My focus here is more defined to specific wellness needs; handpicking unique places, products and experts to support and nurture your journey to wellness.

To simplify I have created five wellness categories: Goodbye Stress, Inside Out, Hold Back the Years, Skin & Bones, Nurture & Nourish.

If you suffer from stress, have a joint or skin problem, require a detox, would like to look younger or are looking to overhaul your diet – just click through to find trustworthy places that we’ve visited and reviewed, offering the best in their field in exciting destinations and with an easy link for booking and some extra special offers and gifts for you too.

Today’s busy lifestyle can often mean we live on that speed button. With constant digital activity never allowing our minds to be still, and media advertising designed to make us want for more. My intention is to bring wellness to you through researched offers, knowledge, expert advice, honest reviews from our team’s experiences and the latest products on the market in your particular wellness area of interest.

I hope you enjoy the site and more importantly I hope it helps you.

Why not sign up to be part of our wellness club to receive regular news, updates and offers. Do send me your comments so I can continue to help you and your fellow viewers.

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Goodbye Stress

Are you too busy to smile, too tired to laugh and feeling as though life is passing you by? Then it’s time to take control. Whether this is floating away your worries, soothing your soul, or meditating your mind – here are some handpicked suggestions to help you relax, heal and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit enabling you to be you again.

Inside Out

If you are in need of a mental, digital or physical detox, you have arrived at the right place. Look and feel your best internally and externally as you cleanse inside and replenish outside with some of our recommended retreats and products. From lymph drainage and gut therapy to a mental or digital detox, these carefully selected solutions will energise and cleanse your body.

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Skin & Bones

If skin conditions, arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation or other skin and bone ailments are the problem you have just clicked in for relief. With thermal waters and other therapeutic treatments reviewed by us, you can discover traditional practices and new treatments in healing destinations located around the UK, Europe and beyond.

Hold Back The Years

Is there a wrinkle or two, a grey hair or three making an appearance on your person, or do you have that general unsettling feeling that age is creeping up on you? Then take a look at the various options we have found to hold back the years to help you feel and look younger. Go on, take steps to turn back the clock and uncover the younger you.

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Nurture & Nourish

Do you need a break from the modern diet of heavy carbs, excess sugar and trans fats? Our recommended products and treatments can help you to find the foods that nourish your mind, body and soul for better overall wellbeing. Nurture a new lifestyle and a new you. Just watch that unwanted weight slip away in no time!