Launching soon: Vocā, Aromacology-Based Scents 

Aromacology-based scents

Night rituals enriched by nature

New wellness brand, Vocā, is promising to bring a collection of aromacology-based scents to harness the restorative powers of nature to aid rest and sleep.

Stress and burn-out from sleep deprivation can be harmful both physically and mentally. But, through small steps like night rituals, the aromacological power of scent and good sleep hygiene, the company believes that we can all improve our health and wellbeing, one sleep at a time. 

The Importance Of Sleep

Research shows that one in three people globally are not getting sufficient sleep. 35% of people believe this impacts their physical and mental health. The main reasons cited for this are going to bed late and having to wake up early in the morning due to a number of lifestyle factors (44%). This is followed by stress and anxiety (32%). Vocā seeks to highlight the importance of sleep and the need to create night time habits for the best rest possible. The aim is to help relax our overstimulated nervous system with natural fragrances.

Aromacology-based scents and osmology

Working with Danièle Ryman, a pioneer in osmology, the study of odours, and in aromacology, the connection between the sense of smell and our emotions, Vocā has created a bespoke range of three signature scents. These have been inspired by the botanical essences of three continents – Africa, Europe and Asia. Each unique blend combines the therapeutic and sedative properties of 15 botanical ingredients, 100% natural origin and sustainably sourced. 

Through this new collection, Vocā, hopes to create a culture shift in the attitude and relationship to sleep using an holistic approach in night rituals enriched by nature.   

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