Recommended for: Inflammation, anti-ageing, relaxation, muscle tension

Cupping Massage

Cupping is a form of deep tissue massage which can reduce inflammation, while promoting relaxation.

Ancient Chinese medicine holds a long history of cupping to restore balance (yin and yang) in the body. Today, cupping is increasingly popular among athletes, such as Michael Phelps, with neck and back pain. There are many additional benefits of this the treatment that support a range of issues. Cupping has been found to improve blood flow in the body, ease muscle tension and aches. It also relieves pain by increasing blood circulation.

The therapist performing the cupping treatment first assesses the area of discomfort and addresses the acupressure points that require healing. Whether it is dry or wet cupping, the treatment is said to stimulate lymphatic functions and improve relaxation with minimal discomfort. Many people find the soft tissue massage releases tense muscles. The therapist applies the suction cups to the skin for several minutes depending on the location of the problem areas.

Cupping is not just utilized to relieve muscle pain. This therapy also serves as an anti-aging treatment for the skin when applied to the face. It can be beneficial to improve the appearance of many skin diseases.  Facial cupping leaves no bruising as the cups used are soft and small. Cupping as a skincare treatment primarily strengthens the skin and stimulates the cells that produce collagen. This helps to get rid of acne scars or lines and control oil production in pores. All forms of cupping relax the muscles being treated and releases stress and tension. Facial cupping can result in a toned jawline and chin. As an anti-aging treatment, facial cupping will brighten the skin and reduce wrinkles in a non-invasive way! 

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