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Do you know your biological age?  What are your collagen levels and skin type? Want to know your allergies, your health forecast? The answers don’t reveal themselves from guess work, trends or diets but more from a more sustainable form of health analysis and prevention.

Out-Smarting Time

According to research, age health is determined not only from genetics but lifestyle management, choices and habits – good or bad.  Understanding our own body, involves getting under our own skin to comprehend our unique individual make-up. It also involves identifying and changing negative lifestyle habits.

When we look  skin deep, the focus is on slowing down the biological clock that’s ticking away and choosing treatments which are formulated to outsmart time.

Gender medicine is based on science and proven evidence. By working with experts, ageing topics are individualised and addressed with innovative and sustainable solutions. The results not only determine biological age, but highlight weak areas and risk factors guiding individuals towards custom-made treatments based on diagnostic tests and medical consultations. All this in the name of ageing gracefully.

Genetic testing tackles pre-dispositions and age-related diseases. A 3-D skin analysis scans the skin to reveal collagen loss, sun damage and age. A saliva test detects silent inflammations in the body. Others include testing metabolic function and individual macronutrient needs leading to weight stability and management.  And if stress is a factor, there’s mental health counselling and a range of relaxing methods.

Prevention is a vital component of healthy ageing. The popular belief in ancient practises such as Chinese medicine, Reiki and Ayurvedic treatments also play their part. Natural therapies come in and out of fashion and feature in the media or appear on clinic and spa menus under different guises to address health issues….We hear of forest bathing – a conscious walk in the park to be at one with nature’s natural habitat. Others more complex –  underwater extension therapy stretching the spine in place, effective for tensions and misaligned sections of the spinal cord.

For many, cosmetic aesthetic solutions such as botox and fillers are frowned upon unless they are based on the results of a digital in-depth analysis such as a Visia Scan or following a consultation with a recognised practitioner. This detects the collagen levels, depth of lines and wrinkles as well as the sun damage and calculates facial age. This test is a scientific qualifier for recommended future and effective treatments such as fillers or skin rejuvenation with mesotherapy – a vitamin cocktail.

For weight loss or toning, diets and exercise are individually effective and denoted by gene analysis. The FX Mayr nutritional programme is a popular treatment to detox the intestines and improve digestion. It involves a different approach to eating and appreciating food intake.

Ageing Gracefully

There are places which offer rays of hope to women contesting ageing. But it’s about finding a personalised formula to slow down that ticking clock both inside and out. A wrinkle and a wobble less, a stronger mind, a body and soul in harmony and acceptance. The emphasis is not on anti-ageing but on healthy-ageing by embracing and enhancing life‘s journey, rather that battling against it.

One healthy-ageing resort which specialises in personalised programmes is lapura, just an hour from Vienna. Set in the rural surrounds of the Kamptal valley, with a river running by and a castle silhouetted overhead, it offers a perfect retreat to slow down that ticking clock but for women only.

Age gracefully through planned and sustainable lifestyle choices and you too can slow down the ticking clock to outsmart time.

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