Chiva-Som Launches Genomic Testing  

Chiva-Som Wellness Destination in Thailand

The power of genomic for ultra-personalised wellness 

Chiva-Som has been at the forefront of pioneering health since it launched 28 years ago. It now offers genomic testing to address the challenges of modern living in a holistic way while supporting individuals’ specific wellbeing goals.

Genomic Testing

The field of genomic testing provides unprecedented intelligence on our genetic code, lifestyle & nutritional habits and environmental factors  Genomic testing analyses DNA to identify genetic variants that impact how the body processes nutrients as well as how they respond to different types of exercise and environmental factors such as stress. With the help of genomic testing, programmes and advice can be tailored to guests’ needs.   This can help to identify ways to live better, whether looking to optimise physical performance, mitigate risk factors associated with a predisposition to particular health conditions or diseases or manage existing symptoms of illness.  

How Genomic Testing works at Chiva-Som

Genetic samples collected by Chiva-Som are processed in a specialist laboratory. The results are then interpreted and conveyed to guests by specialised genomic and health counselling experts. A  bespoke programme is then created  and aligned with the guest’s specific genetic makeup.  

There are two types of tests offered – a Vital and a Longevity option. Guests can book and take the test at any point during their stay, and results are returned within 3-4 weeks. 

Genomic Testing Packages

The Vital package is tailored to guests looking to optimise their nutrition and lifestyle. The report enables the team to relay current vitamin, mineral, toxin and hormone levels; indicate the ideal proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the individual’s diet; recommend the most suitable type of exercise; give insights into metabolism and approach towards losing weight; advise on ideal sleep requirements and recommend an optimal skincare regimen. 

The Longevity package includes reports on susceptibility to specific chronic diseases and inheritable diseases that can be passed on. It also includes drug metabolism to guide potential treatment choices and sensitivity to allergens and pollutants. Whilst this package is not intended to diagnose disease, it indicates susceptibility.

Genomic testing is easy, quick and beneficial for everyone. It can provide peace of mind, support proactive health management whilst enabling guests to fine-tune their wellness programs and lifestyle choices. 

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