Calming Scents for Day & Night

Calming Scents Rollerball - Dreams Of Africa


It’s been frantic with a busy travel schedule and writing to meet deadlines. Not much time to stop, appreciate the day and those special moments in between. But a relatively new product on the market, Vocā, has proved to be a saviour. These aromacology-based, calming scents release an aroma that bring me back to earth with a hint of faraway lands. 

Beautifully packaged, light and colourful, Vocā, has several calming scents for the mind and body. My choice is the romantically labelled Dreams of Africa. It’s a blend of Neroli to reduce nervous tension, Frankincense to soothe anxiety, and the Blue Tansy flower from Morocco to ease those niggly feelings of stress. Evoking the natural wonders of the African landscape, the burnished orange roller ball holds a mix of eleven ingredients.  Each ingredient treasured in traditional medicine for their calming properties, 100% natural origin and sustainably sourced.

Expertly crafted, they have worked their magic to relieve tension and to induce a sense of calm. The natural smells work with the senses creating feelings of serenity and perfect for preparing for a good night’s sleep. It is my go-to-scent to calm me in the day and again before I sleep. And it works, for me. Better still, they are handy – small enough to pop in your bag or carry with you when travelling on planes. A dab of wellness at your fingertips.

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