The Harmony Principle Offers Seasonal Nature Retreats

Root & Rise Retreat

Root & Rise

We can cultivate self-knowledge, resilience and balance by following nature’s lead. Being within nature helps us be and stay well. Root & Rise is a one-day seasonal retreat which focuses on the wood element. It has been created to help people live in closer harmony with nature. Its belief is also rooted in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. 

The retreat offers a unique opportunity for personal transformation in synchronicity with nature.  Root & Rise is one of a series of retreats arranged by The Harmony Principle. It is founded by Five Element acupuncturist Claire Dabreo (The London Acupuncturist).   Through blending disciplines and practices depending on the season, it aims to offer ways to harness the power of nature’s creative cycle

Involving a range of skills and activities, the Root & Rise retreat includes cultivating the flexibility of the musculoskeletal system, vision & smart decision-making and positivity. Individuals work with aromapoint therapy, pilates and conscious connected breathwork. It also involves journaling and visioning to root and rise with power and grace. 

Founder Claire Dabreo states, “In Spring, the trees bud and the green shoots of growth are all around us. We are given a wonderful opportunity to look forward and set our course.  This is the ideal time to invite the green shoots of growth within us to rise with power and strength as we root them deep within us.”

The retreat programme includes:

Conscious connected breathwork and a transformational breath technique. These aim to spring clean the emotional body and create space to look forward with optimism and hope

Pilates.  Inspired by the trees. This will focus on individuals’ own trunk, roots and branches, paying special attention to the tendons & ligaments

AromaPoint Therapy.  Using key essential oils on acupuncture points. This is a self-treatment technique that can be done at home

Understanding the role the liver & gallbladder. These play as the yin/yang expression of the wood element within the body.  Flexibility, planning and decision-making, positivity and assertiveness are all healthy expressions of this element

Visioning practice to aid clarity and focus

Journalling questions to inspire and invite deeper self-reflection

The retreat is hosted at the The Horniman Museum within 16 acres of landscaped gardens, The Pavilion has hilltop views across the Horniman’s landscaped gardens. Tree-hugging is optional.  


In collaboration with Nina Carter, Margarita Sanchez McAuliffe, the retreat is ideal for those interested in harnessing the power of nature’s creative cycle. And also for those wanting to invite positive change and growth in their lives. 

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