Paragliding during full moon

Paragliding during full moon

Adding to the ever-growing wellness experiences, paragliding up high with the moon as a backdrop is available in Switzerland.

Classed as one of the most unique adventures, paragliding during the full moon provides a range of memorable experiences. Zero gravity, freedom, mindfulness and weightlessness. A magical mystical atmosphere.

This activity takes place in Lenk, Switzerland. It is organised by professional pilots at specific times and dates according to the full moon. The event commences once the full moon shines. You and your pilot prepare the paraglider at the take-off site. It takes just a few steps to lift off and experience the unforgettable feeling of freedom in a spectacular light amongst the beauty of the mountain landscape.

You are conveniently transported by the Stand-Xpress to the Metschstand. And as the sun sets, you can toast the adventure and later indulge in a traditional fondue.. The wellness experience and benefits will linger for longer.

Forthcoming dates:

15 / 16 / 17 February 2022
16 / 17 / 18 March 2022

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