The Newest Fitness Trend Goes Electric…


EMS, also known as electric muscle stimulation is a full body training method that combines strength training and cardio to encourage weight loss.

It works by attaching a series of wires connected to an electric stimulation machine to the body. Once the machine is on, it administers electrical currents to the body through the wires, creating a tingling sensation. A personal trainer administers the amount of current being applied through the wires to the body as you exercise. This should not cause any pain or irritation.

Electrical stimulation sends signals to the muscles to contract, making the muscle engage much faster, burning calories at a more rapid rate. The smaller muscles that are utilized less during a traditional workout are also targeted during stimulation, enabling them to be used more productively, making them stronger. These processes aid the body in weight loss and muscle growth because they cause the body to burn more calories while increasing muscle mass. EMS also increases blood circulation in damaged areas, comforting areas affected by muscle pain. 

Before participating in EMS, talk to your health provider or licensed personal trainer. Certain conditions may hinder your ability to use EMS safely, such as neurological disorders, recent surgeries, and untreated hypertension.

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