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The heart of Iquitos is known as the global capital of healing ceremonies. Thousands travel to the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon every year for various healing treatments. This new destination for wellness lovers is well known for drinking Ayahuasca, signing up for coca leaf massages and experiencing flowering baths for the ability to connect with the natural world.  

The Power of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a concoction that when ingested, can lead to a physical manifestation which can affect physical, mental, emotional, psychological and energetic states. Travellers drink the liquid that comes from vines of the Psychotria viridis shrub and Banisteriopsis caapi vine. In addition to those two vines, each brew of Ayahuasca is vastly different as multiple leaves, plants and ingredients are later added. 

Naturally, the plants added to the brew have psychedelic backgrounds. After ingesting the drink, it quickly begins to affect the central nervous system and leads to hallucinations and even euphoria. Those who seek out the wellness practice are commonly looking to open their minds and even healing past traumas. Due to an altered consciousness for a long period after drinking the Ayahuasca, an experienced shaman close by is recommended. 

The Treatment Behind The Coca Leaf 

If a psychedelic trip is not as appealing, Peru is also very well known for their coca leaf massages. As the largest producer of the sacred leaf, Peruvians believe that it has the ability to connect to the natural world through healing methods. Many believe it has the power to cure and even see where a problem lies in the human body. The history of the coca leaf dates back to Inca royalty and has the power to fight high blood pressure, altitude sickness and even increase fat burning. Many believe that it also has the power to cure cancer. 

Flowering Baths

 Iquitos is one of the most botanically diverse places on earth. In addition to Ayahuasca and coca leaves, another wellness therapy offered are flowering baths. The tubs are full of purifying herbs and traditionally are believed to get rid of negative energies and thoughts. This is done by penetrating the auric field of the bath taker to create an unhealthy emotional imbalance. This imbalance then attracts wealth, friendship and good luck into one’s life. Most often, the flowering baths are taken after the Ayahuasca ceremonies to ensure that the senses are ready to accept the new emotional visions. 

The Peruvian wellness world is vast and just beginning to be explored by outsiders. These holistic wellness traditions have been around for thousands of years and continue to open up the human body to new experiences and help cure past traumas. Whether it is drinks made of Ayahuasca, flowering baths or even a coca leaf massage, the country of Peru is ready to offer wellness to its visitors.

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