Medicinal Teas

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Medicinal teas

Renowned wellness destination, Lefay Resorts, has produced medicinal teas to enhance spa treatments. Combining classical Chinese medicine with modern techniques, the spa uses the ancient form of phytotherapy and has created infusions using over 40 medicinal plants, chosen for their healing characteristics and energising qualities. The six medicinal teas have been designed to help treat anxiety, insomnia, water retention and digestive issues as well as helping to detox, energise and balance.

For detox

The detox infusion includes cinnamon, turmeric, liquorice and astragalus root, to target the gall bladder and liver, improve diuresis and benefit all the digestive organs.  

For draining

The draining tisane targets the kidneys, lungs and stomach, stimulating fluid production, relieving congestion and helping to expel stagnant fluids.  This tea contains fenugreek and fennel seeds, Bermuda grass and cherry equisetum leaves.

For balancing

Containing mandarin, rhubarb, mint, ginger and white turmeric, the infusion has a fluidifying effect on the liver and spleen’s energy, restoring balance and removing delays in the digestive tract. This tea is designed for people, who overthink and brood. 

For calming

The calming infusion is a combination of European herbs and flowers derived from Eastern traditions to nourish the kidneys, prevent the mind from wandering and improve sleep.

For slimming

This herbal tea has a strong stimulating effect on the metabolism.  It acts by unblocking the intestine, reducing the sense of fullness and slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates.  It also rebalances the energy functions of the spleen and stomach using bitter orange, rosemary, hibiscus, bladder wrack and green tea.

For energising

The energising infusion has been developed to invigorate Yang energy and Qi deficiency in the spleen and lungs, as well as supporting the immune system, reducing water retention and prolonged stress to improve energy.  The tea contains ginseng golden root, mandarin, cinnamon and astragalus.

Lefay has two eco spa resorts – one overlooking Lake Garda and the second in an UNESCO World Heritage site in the Italian Dolomites.  Lefay Resort on Lake Garda offers a wide range of wellness programmes, whilst the resort in the Dolomites offers Lefay’s award winning signature treatments, including an extensive choice of energy massages and facials, body and facial rituals and anti-ageing treatments. 

These medicinal teas are available online. 

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