Aloe Vera

Recommended for: Gingivitis, heartburn, diabetes type ll, skincare,sunburn, small abrasions, burns and cuts.

Aloe Vera

Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, the Aloe Vera plant proved its medicinal qualities when it was frequently used to relieve heartburn. due to its low toxicity. In addition to being a remedy for acid reflux and heartburn, the Aloe Vera plant is also used as an alternative to mouthwash. The extract from the Aloe Vera plant gives not only a healthy dose of Vitamin C but also has plaque blocking powers. It has been researched that an Aloe Vera mouth rinse is equally effective in reducing bleeding and gingivitis. 

Two tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice a day acts as a glucose-lowering medication. The Aloe Vera decreases blood fats in those who have abnormally high levels in their bloodstream. In addition, it has been researched that it can help to decrease swelling and increase the healing process in wounds which is promising for those suffering with diabetes who find healing takes longer. 

The Aloe emodin is a compound in the Aloe Vera plant’s leaves. Doctors have found that this specific compound has the potential to fight breast cancer. Phytochemicals inside the plants have been found to have anti-cancer fighting potential. It is a very common practice in Chinese medicine to use the emodin from the Aloe plant. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative effects. 

The Aloe Vera plant plays a big role in keeping the skin clear and hydrated. This is due to the fact that the plant’s leaves store water. Aloe Vera thrives in a both dry and unstable climate. All the water retained creates complex carbohydrates which then makes an effective face moisturizer. It is very effective in healing sunburn, small abrasions, burns and cuts.

This natural treatment is safe for the skin but tropical Aloe gel is very different from the concentrate coming straight from the plant. This medicinal plant is native to North Africa, Southern Europe and Canary Islands.

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