Sound Bath Therapy

Recommended for: Balance, body equilibrium, digestion, stress, energy levels, depression

vibration on water

Complete with Tibetan & crystal singing bowls and harps, Sound Bath Therapy is a non-invasive treatment using vibrational healing techniques to restore the body to its equilibrium.

The vibrations of the body can easily become out of balance when a person experiences physical or emotional stress, while slow vibrations can result in disease or illness. Vibrational healing is a process where vibrations are introduced or transferred into an individual’s physical and energetic body, to adjust and rebalance to create harmony. Other benefits include improved resistance to stress, alleviation of psychosomatic pain, increased energy levels, balanced brain activity and improved digestion. The treatment can also help to diminish symptoms of depression due to the effect of re-balancing the autonomic nervous system.

This therapy is offered at Chiva-Som, Thailand, amongst it’s menu of over 200 treatments. It is administered by a meditation expert and uses a combination of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, along with soothing harp music to promote deep relaxation and an opportunity to release mental and emotional blockages.

Chiva-Som is a beachfront health resort set within seven acres of tropical gardens located on the Gulf of Thailand, 185 kilometres south of Bangkok.

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