Thunder Therapy

thunder in the sky

The British weather is always a subject of conversation – rain, cold, wet, windy, snow. Yet research is forecasting that our weather can contribute to relieving anxiety and stress with Thunder Therapy.

Well, according to a recent study by researchers at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, natural sounds such as gurgling streams, thunder claps, raindrops and rustling leaves can physically change the neural pathways in our brains, helping us to become calmer.

That said, how do you react when there are battles in the sky, when the bangs and loud thuds of thunder shake the windows followed by flashes of spider lights shooting across the blackness of the night.

Me – I dive under the duvet and hope it passes quickly. Others see it as night theatre, a light and sound show performed from the luxury of the bedroom window. It is said that the reduction in our body’s fight-or-flight instinct is lessened, resulting in inner calm. Imagine thunder having this effect yet Thunder Therapy is one of the latest wellness trends.

Those of us who listen to nature’s sounds such as rain bouncing off a glass roof encourage more external focused attention, indicating higher levels of relaxation. But be mindful of artificial sounds. The study showed that those who listen to artificial sounds had patterns of inward-focused attention linked to conditions such as depression and anxiety.

So next time there is a thunder storm, listen to the sounds, watch from the window and feel the vibrations of the show. Add it to your list of mindful practises. A reason to celebrate the unpredictable British weather!.

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