Wellness Trends for 2021

Wellness and health future trend

Wellness in 2021 is seeing new trends. It’s on the move and transcending through large  industries to bring us integrated health. It takes the stage with Hollywood and big media, architecture designed with space for communities and apps for individual health. Wellness travel will reset with more purpose and meaning,  anti-ageing products will be science-driven, technology will drive new ways to master our lifestyle health while traditional natural therapies and resources will lead the revival of preventative care.

We are experiencing a paradigm change in how we live our lives. Wellness is the subject of the moment. It has more relevance in our lives this year than ever before. The broad perception of the meaning of “wellness”, whatever it signifies to each and every one of us has become more dominant, inclusive, affordable and accessible. Overnight the pandemic has made wellness more important to people while strengthening the case for preventative wellness. The pandemic has pushed this sector to the forefront of our lives, it has become more evidence-based and accountable. Entertainment and music, media, architecture, design, technology and travel, wellness is rapidly evolving and taking shapes in every sector.

Entertainment & Hollywood

The power of media, big screen experiences and authentic programmes has placed media wellness into our lives. And with restrictions in place, we have been drawn to the television screens, laptops and mobiles for escapism in the form of film and music.  Within the schedules, reality TV has attracted audiences searching for ways to improve our lives, whether it be in food, nutrition, fitness or makeover programmes. The big screen productions play their part too by distracting us from the current stressful situations with extensive content. Wellness programming is here to stay with more authentic and immersive experiences. Personalised coaching has been brought to our TVs.  Many of us now turn to music for stress and sleep therapy – wellness is used as a listening channel from soundscapes, sound therapy supplemented with visual images calming our mind through sight and sound. The lullabies of Sam Smith and the calming ballads of John Legend, artists are now acknowledging the need for wellness music. And to keep age related diseases at bay, brain engaging puzzles and games are soaring in popularity. We are seeing big media and big tech turning into wellness brands and collaborating to produce immersive content which in turn is leading to bingeable viewing and everyday usage.

Future of Immune Health

A balanced diet and attitude towards preserving our health is important more than ever. The pandemic has increased the need to focus on immunity but this obsession on immunity boosting diets, supplements and products can also have a negative effect causing over-active immunity. We have seen a plethora of theories from IV drips to gummies. Natural immunity has not changed but the importance of health has been brought to light. Exercise and a good diet, a reduction in over-processed foods and a reduced intake of alcohol is, as ever, key.

Personalised nutrition and diagnostic testing is on trend as individuals respond differently to foods and we become aware of allergies. Positive stress has its place as does short-term boost immunity experiences such as short intensity exercising, wild swimming and fasting.

Spiritual moments in architecture

Architecture and design can bring spiritual wellness and stillness into our daily lives – those precious numinous moments to feel gratitude, a flow state to allow us to perform at our highest potential. We see this in contemporary builds with gentle rippling water features in areas of soft colour and stone creating a calming atmosphere.  We see this in open spaces, green parks, time to roam, to be free. We connect with clutter-free spaces, candles glimmering for attention, a simple distraction to capture our thoughts. There is an increased interest in Feng Chi and converting interiors to carve out coves in our homes to practice meditation, yoga and Tai Chi. Our environment has never played such a crucial role in our lives. The future will include wellness kitchens and the change from bathrooms to bathing rooms, the use of detox salt baths. Work and community places will see areas of space to allow people to connect to themselves and away from social media and information overload.

Have you heard your own breath? It’s just under your nose!

Clinical studies from Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins Universities have shown that the way we breathe has profound effects on our mental and physical health and may help us strengthen our immune system.  This has led to new programmes and apps to help us all become more aware of our own personal therapy of breathing. The benefits are wide-ranging. And with this renewed focus on simply breathing comes new technology in treating indoor air pollution, the beneficial use of house plants and the value of walking in parks.

The Self-Care Renaissance

In the past there has been two divisive sectors, traditional healthcare reliant on GPs and hospital care and wellness which highlights the benefits of self-care, home remedies and preventative practices.  Today, we are seeing these converge and co-exist. We have seen the development of apps for personal programmes. Healthcare operates a new approach with home testing, pairing science with homecare and tele-medicine. Even dentists acknowledge the stress of the drill and have introduced Netflix content projected on the ceiling. Hospitals are adopting ideas from hotels. We are witnessing a symbiotic duality of a healthcare and wellness society for the coming years.

Rethinking travel 

From carefree holidays to slower, more mindful travel, the pandemic has halted our regular travel trips which now seem in the distant past. The future will see holidays take on a different meaning and form. Travel will have a renewed purpose. An attitude towards health, a much needed break, time away to breathe and rejuvenate, to relax away from home and  work pressures. Time to reset, revitalise, time with nature and time with loved ones.. Already there is a movement towards wellness travel as last-minute getaways are replaced with slower, closer and more mindful experiences. The over tourism epidemic is under attack with the devasting planet effects of our lifestyle indelibly pictured in award-winning nature programmes. Policies and motivation are in our mindset to leave a place better than we found it. Regenerative travel, challenging over-tourism, correcting under-tourism, embracing nature, and putting purpose and safety first will be at the forefront of travel trends.

Wellness technology will continue to grow

Light pods, infra-red saunas, halotherapy, spa waves – technology advances will continue to be integrated into our wellness practises to improve the benefits of the spa experiences whether it be at home, a medi-spa or wellness holiday.  New developments in skin research will add to the ever-increasing ranges of anti-aging products.  Holistic and natural therapies will focus on our senses, seeing a surge in new treatments such as sound healing, thermal therapy, soundscapes, with treatments reigniting the inner child, rekindling the soul, mind-breaks and even 3D sound. Science-driven skincare will gain more prominence while health diagnostics will become more accessible.

Wellness Trends 2021

Exhale the past, inhale the future, wellness has  found its voice and is rewriting huge industries. Wellness is here to stay in our mind, body and soul.

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