Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage)

Reviewed by The Wellness Traveller

Recommended for: Detoxifies, relaxes and relieves tension to restore the natural energy flow, improves blood circulation

Abdominal Massage

Chi Nei Tsang massage is a healing massage that combines the techniques of traditional Chinese and Thai massage that focus on the abdominal area. It is an effective and unique form of bodywork which works directly on the abdomen, organs and associated emotions. The abdomen houses energetic and physical centres, an area often known as the second brain.

This therapy detoxifies, relaxes and relieves tension to restore the natural energy flow to the area resulting in a healthier system, mind and body. This massage along with meditation techniques offers many benefits to the mind and body. It addresses not only the digestive system, but also the nervous, muscular, respiratory, and immune system. 

Chi Nei Tsang promotes detoxification, stimulates the internal organs, and aids in supporting emotional balance. It can also address energy levels, specifically targeting chi. Chi is energy that flows through our bodies. Often at times with stress or anxiety, our chi can be blocked, causing an imbalance in our bodies. With chi nei tsang, these blockages can be released, allowing the energy to flow smoothly again. 

The cells in our bodies hold information to traumatic experiences we’ve had, especially in the abdominal region. Chi Nei Tsang works by releasing the tension in those muscles and cells while also releasing old, stale, and negative energy in this area of the body. This allows a release of emotional tension that is stored in the body, bringing a sense of relief.  

This therapy also has many physical benefits. The technique of the massage promotes better blood circulation, which distributes oxygen, nutrients, and hormones more easily throughout the body. It can be beneficial to those experiencing digestive problems, such as bloating and constipation. It promotes lymphatic drainage which also boosts the immune system to better support overall health in the body. This treatment also realigns the organs, having a positive effect on posture and bodily performance. 

Read about the Chi Nei Tsang Massage at Chiva-Som in Thailand, where this is used as part of the Age-Well Retreat.

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