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This is a treasured and ancient natural healing practice of India. The 5,000-year-old system encompasses a broad range of techniques to promote healthy living. It is based on the belief that health comes from balancing the forces of the body’s systems. It includes dietary guidelines, meditation, natural medicine, massage and various techniques to address a multitude of illnesses. 

Ayurveda is based on the concepts of prakriti (the body’s constitution) and dosha’s (life forces). The prakriti’s of a person are determined by the dosha’s of a person. The most prominent dosha includes your diet and lifestyle. The dietary guidelines of Ayurveda ensure that your dosha is being held to a high standard. Some dietary guidelines include eating until satisfied instead of full, eliminating distractions while eating, stopping eating three hours before bed, and eating whole, fresh foods. These rules aim to heal the body and mind through dietary habits.

Another key pillar of Ayurveda is practicing meditation. Meditation allows you to find inner calm and relaxation. It emphasizes the idea that mind and body align to create a holistic healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda advises meditating on a daily basis in order to see and feel results. 

Using natural medicine is an essential part of practicing Ayurveda. These natural medicines include herbs and spices that have been proven to benefit health and prevent disease. Some include cumin, which is good for digestive enzymes, turmeric, which contains anti-inflammatory benefits, and licorice root, which helps fight bacteria. 

Ayurveda can be extremely beneficial when attempting to boost the immune system and it can definitely contribute to living a healthy lifestyle.  

However you should not replace professional medical help when needed.

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