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The mountain tops are frosted with snow, the air is fresh, crisp, unpolluted. The silence is deafening except for the cowbells and church chimes. Even the birds sound chirpier. The lake glistens from 500m below. I’m staying at The Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence in Switzerland. This is peak health high in the Swiss Alps. 

The Waldhotel Check-Up Programme Experience

I have signed up for the three-day Check-Up Programme at the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence. An experience of clinical glamour in luxury hospitality mixed with swiss medical expertisePrior to the visit I completed a comprehensive medical questionnaire. Once checked in, my medical health was in the hands of professional, experienced consultants and therapists to test and access various functions of my health. From head to toe, this was an in-depth screening which was explained at every stage and seamlessly undertaken. Comprehensive blood tests would provide an indication of any abnormalities while a biometric and body composition test revealed how much fat was keeping me warm.  Using state-of-the-art technology my lung capacity was tested while an abdominal ultrasound introduced me to my inside organs. Additionally, a full screening by the dermatologist checked every mark and blemish on my skin. An intensive session with a trainer tested my mobility, stability and fitness – must try harder! My heart rate when stressed and rested was also measured. A thorough programme. This all takes place nestled snuggly between green forests and lush meadows, overlooking Lake Lucerne. 

Defined by Nature

With huge panoramic windows, nature is drawn in, a theme followed through in the hotel’s interior’s design and concept. Even the building has been nurtured into the southern side of the Bürgenstock mountain. A breathing example of sustainable architecture, an extension of nature with slatted wooden terraces in warm earthy colours, created in local stones and natural materials, even green roofs. Views take the shape of majestic alps while windy roads trace a zigzag pattern across blankets of the green Burgenberg landscape with farmhouses dotted around. The perfect terrain for peaceful walks in the surrounding woodlands. 


The Waldhotel is stylish, comforting and furnished in calming colours. There are 160 guest rooms and suites all spacious and south facing to enjoy the natural light with terraces extending to the green landscape. Quality comforts include rain showers, Acqua di Parma toiletries and hi-tech controls. The ground floor is dedicated to the medical centre which is friendly and pristine.

A taste of vitality – The Waldhotel Colour Cuisine

Colour cuisine is a unique innovative concept where the diet focuses on a particular colour each day to maximise the absorption of beneficial nutrients.. Food is medicine, artistically presented in three-course dishes which are served for lunch, each like edible sculptures. Watermelon, baby beetroot soup, baked tomatoes and red lentils represent red foods to benefit the eyes and lycopene to prevents free radicals. Orange foods for the skin, packed with vitamin C & B for rejuvenation and served as carrot soup, lobster with sweet potato custard and salmon trout. Ingredients are chosen by seasonality. The drinks choice includes “sober cocktails” such as chilli & ginger or a fizzy lifeblood, (non-alcoholic red vermouth, beetroot shrub and lime), available alongside the wine list.  Kombucha drinks feature too. These are fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened teas rich in B -vitamins, and probiotic characteristics which help to strengthen the immune system and support digestion. 

An Integrated Spa

The Spa sparkles from the reflection of snow-tipped mountains peeping in. This integrated spa certainly has that wow factor. Two gleaming swimming pools appeal for your presence, one with an electric sliding door to the water outside and its refreshing cooler air temperature.  Other spa features include a salt grotto, ice room, hammam, aroma and Finnish sauna and water beds in temperatures from 10 to 80 degrees.

A unique destination

Getting here is straight forward as well as very James Bond-ish. From the plane, hop on a direct train at Zurich airport to Lucerne, then, two minutes away, take a boat on Lake Lucerne This will sail you directly to the Burgenstock Funicular, a steep uphill cable railway and journey through the heart of woodlands to the hotel reception. All seamless and fun. Alternatively, simply take a taxi from Zurich.

A health investment

A check-up in Swiss luxury may make a dent in the bank account but prevention is an investment in our wellbeing and even better in a sumptuous environment. The Waldhotel offers an extensive range of health-promoting therapeutic services tailored to individual requirements to revitalise and refresh lifestyle routines.. This is travel with a medical twist, especially when the final consultation analyses all the tests and delivers the verdict complete with a new lifestyle plan and the route forward to prevent future diseases and a positive attitude to face the stresses and strains of our modern world.

The Waldhotel Check-up is suitable for adults of any age and forms a basis for further examination and treatments. Partners are very welcome to share the room and facilities. The programme is on a half-board basis, allowing more opportunity to explore the other restaurants of the Burgenstock Resort. 

The Check-up programme includes:

  • In-depth admission consultation with a doctor & thorough  physical examination
  • Resting and stress ECG, heart rate variability test
  • Comprehensive laboratory test
  • Abdominal ultrasound 
  • Skin screening with dermatologist
  • Analysis of mobility, stability and fitness by a physiotherapist
  • Bone densitometry and determination of body composition using DEXA
  • Measurement of energy metabolism
  • Concluding consultation and recommendations to take home.

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