Message In A Bottle at The Peacock: A Wellness Review.

Reviewed by The Wellness Traveller

Portugal Street London WC2A 2HT

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Wellness Is….Being Immersed In Dance

The Music And Dance

Sting’s music has a new meaning after watching a memorable performance of Message In A Bottle at London’s Peacock Theatre. The beat, the lyrics and sound render heart-wrenching emotions from a dazzling dance display which beautifully portrayed poignant messages. The haunting track of Desert Rose starts the show, bringing silence in the auditorium. The audience is embraced in mesmerising choreography by Kate Prince.

The Story Portrayed

It centres on the adventures of three siblings, forced to run away from their war-torn country. It conveys through dance and expression the current issues of migration and displacement of the hundreds of thousands of people who have fled their homes due to chronic poverty, political instability and climate change. The songs we know so well, So Lonely, Fields of Gold, Shape of My Heart, If You Love Somebody, Set Them FreeThey Dance Alone, King of Pain, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You all highlight human suffering and trauma and accentuate the emotional and disturbing experiences the world faces.

The Facts Behind The Message

In 2022 statistics revealed that over 100 million people worldwide have been forced from their homes. 32 million are refugees, half of them under 18. Our world today sees one person forcibly displaced every two seconds due to conflict and persecution.  This show is a valuable and profound reminder of the pain felt by so many human beings and is inspired by the evocative and iconic music of Sting. The theme confronts the international refugee crisis that is separating families, tearing them apart. A crisis that brings sadness around the world.

Sting’s Music

A rock songwriter and musician, Sting’s songs are of loss and yearning. And with these emotions he introduced social, political, personal and psychogeographical elements, whether it symbolised the troubles in Northern Ireland (Invisible Sun), the Cold War (Russians), the Chilean women who dance with photographs of their missing loved ones (They Dance Alone), the prayers of a refugee (Inshallah) or grief (The Soul Cages).

The Curtain Falls

Message In A Bottle is a passionate production of fear, loss, survival, love, hope and life. Powerful and thought provoking, this spectacle on stage is uplifting and moving, I left with the words of the track, “Be Still My Beating Heart

Where To Book

Message In A Bottle 

From 4th – 14th October 2023, 

Sadlers Wells in The West End, Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, WC2A 2HT

Tel 02078638000. Visit Sadlers Wells

About Sadlers Wells

A world-leading creative organisation based in London committed to the making of dance with over three centuries of theatrical heritage.

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