Menopause Month

Runnymede Hotel and Menopause Month

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Menopause Society has designated October as World Menopause Month. 

Many companies and organisations are highlighting this cause with various promotions, talks and workshops during the Menopause Month of October. The Runnymede on Thames Hotel & Spa has partnered with women’s health specialist Emma Bardwell. On Thursday 6th October she will host a two-hour educational workshop at The Runnymede. This will centre around nutritional and lifestyle advice on the symptoms surrounding perimenopause and menopause itself. From weight gain to brain fog, hot flushes and low mood, these are just some of the symptoms a large proportion of the population may experience at some point. Attendees will learn how to take control of their health. The Runneymede is located on the bank of the River Thames and just 10 minutes from Windsor.

Attitudes have changed. Back in the 1800’s in England, doctors prescribed a pre-meal mixture of carbonated soda to their menopausal patients. In 2022, there is a dedicated Menopause Month. The British Menopause Society has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News to produce a news-style programme ‘Menopause: Continuing the Conversation’ to cut through the noise to give straight talking, clear guidance and advice from BMS menopause specialists, healthcare professionals and BMS members, with information from industry experts, providing support for women to recognise and improve their symptoms. Hosted by Louise Minchin, it will feature expert interviews, news items and reporter-led sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations filmed on location.

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