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Recommended for: Stress, Anxiety

Haki Treatment

If stress and anxiety are acting as heavy weights that are holding you down and straining your health, you need to lighten up your load! Regain your balance as you lift away heavy burdens in your life with Haki®, The Art of Touch, at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland. By combining space, music, sound, colours, scents and water, haki® relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your body so that you gain stability and find your rhythm.

You begin in darkness to awaken your senses and focus on mindfulness. Then therapeutic thermal waters will wash away your negative energy and cleanse your body. Afterwards, foam and compress massages, water and oil will relieve your exhausted body and mind and alleviate pressure. At the end of the treatment, you will finally find the strength to lift those heavy burdens off your body for good.

Where can you get this Treatment?

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz


+41 81 303 30 30

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