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Jennifer Young – The Creator of a skincare range for cancer patients
“Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause skin to become extremely sensitive, itchy and sore. Chemotherapy targets fast replicating cells as cancer cells grow and replicate quickly.   Hair, lips, nails and skin cells are also fast growing and can be damaged by chemotherapy. Nails can peel and split, lips can become dry and cracked, the palms of the hands and soles of the feet can suffer. Radiotherapy can cause burning and scarring. Skin becomes irritated, dry, sore, itchy and the chance of reaction to ingredients is high. 

Jennifer Young specialist skincare was created at the request of and with the help of nurses and patients at an NHS cancer centre. All products are created to soothe and improve each of these side effects as well as encourage wellbeing. The nursing team has a list of ingredient types, including natural and organic ingredients, that are NOT SUITABLE for use when undergoing treatment for cancer. Jennifer Young Specialist products do not contain substances that patients are advised to avoid.

The treatments and products are designed to promote well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation during what can be a highly stressful and distressing time. Therapists expertly trained at the Jennifer Young Training School can adapt their skills to deliver bespoke treatments to each individual client going through a cancer journey.”

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