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Whether you’re searching for books on specialist wellness subjects, recommended beauty products, respected potions with inimitable ingredients, creams that target areas of concern or the perfect aromas to calm the mind – we have researched on your behalf to bring you a selection of the latest and most revered products. We’ve tried and tested hundreds of different products to find those that make us look and feel great that we’d be happy to recommend to you.

Extend your home self-care kit

It’s amazing the difference one product can make. When we find the right treat for ourselves we often describe it as “life changing” and I know I for one, have a few simple products that have made my life easier when taking care of my skin. When we feel good we radiate beauty from the inside. So why not treat yourself to a new product today, be brave and try something a little different, or extend your home self-care kit. It’s great to have a selection of pampering products to dip into when we have a little “me-time” or are in desperate need of some relaxation. Or perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a friend in need of a little TLC; in that case there are plenty of present-worthy products to choose from. You could even start building your own wish-list for friends and family so that they always know what to buy you!

With an array of gadgets and beauty aids on the market, we have been on a beauty quest to discover those that have proven effective and popular to save you the time and trouble. Helping to make your wellness journey simpler, simply browse our site to find something exciting.

Please note, we have handpicked these products from reputable sites for you and we are an affiliate and therefore receive a very small commission on sales.

For the body


Is stress, isolation, worry or anxiety affecting you?  Here’s an answer to consider – one that’s packed and stacked and tailored to your own needs.  It’s a taste of high-tech future – think astronaut meals….


Edible gummy chewable vitamins are tailored to your requirements by a company aptly named Nourished. These are 3D printed and designed to match your lifestyle and then delivered to your doorstep.

Each box contains a month’s supply of coloured-layered tablets, individually wrapped in plastic-free and home compostable packaging. The ingredients have a high absorption rate, vegan friendly and sugar-free.  Just answer a short online consultation questionnaire and Nourished creates a bespoke vitamin and supplement recommendation based upon your answers.

Nourished has been designed specifically with health-conscious consumers in mind and can create specific blends to suit.  From athletes and fitness enthusiasts to boost endurance and recovery, frequent travellers to fight the symptoms of jet lag, and vegans who can supplement with Vegan D3. The ingredients are 98% sourced in the UK.

The company issues its Covid-19 hygiene safety policy online at Check out the stacks they offer.

These should not be used to substitute a healthy diet. If you are pregnant or have any medical issues or taking medication, do contact your GP or healthcare professional for advice before use.

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