Lipology launches a winning smile in an unregulated aesthetic industry

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Swollen, asymmetrical, lopsided, unnatural  – results from efforts to freeze the ageing process of the face and lips. The rise in ‘pop up’ clinics, home salons and rogue traders is tarnishing the industry allowing anyone to inject fillers with it being unregulated. Bad practice and unqualified practitioners have seen a startling rise in complications associated with dermal filler injections due to unprofessional and insufficiently qualified practitioners.  This has put a microscope on the industry highlighting the complete lack of protocol for identifying, monitoring and regulating the industry.

According to statistics, a startling 33% of complications following dermal fillers needed further intervention by a practitioner. Many of the complications could have caused life-changing injuries if not treated quickly. Such findings have led to a new lip filler injection technique, Lip Genius® and the new Safer Practice Ambassador scheme, launched by the Lipology Academy.

The Safer Practice Ambassador scheme spearheads a campaign for safety in the currently unregulated aesthetics industry. According to Professor Catherine Hughes-Hobbs, founder of the Safer Practice Ambassador scheme, “The startling headlines over botched lip jobs, trout pouts and facial damage from occlusions and dead skin cells were a reality check many needed to see.  This led to innovative treatments for lips.

Due to the increasing nervousness with practitioners feeling the pressure of using the traditional methods and a 13mm needle, the new lip filler technique has been designed as an automated system for administering dermal fillers with unrivalled results. This innovative treatment, Lip Genius®, gives the practitioners peace of mind that the risks of complications such as vascular occlusion resulting from injection of hyaluronic acid gel filler are significantly reduced. While for patients, they are assured of perfectly symmetrical lips with no complications and no sight of a daunting needle. 

The new Safer Practice Ambassador programme guarantees that practitioners are fully trained and regulated with spot checks every year. As the government moves forward in their bid to regulate the aesthetics industry, this register aims to offer further information about qualified, insured dermal filler practitioners across the UK who are serious about safety. 

Consumer confidence and safety will be improved by choosing clinics that display the accreditation. It’s time the aesthetics industry is accountable  

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Professor Hughes-Hobbs from the Lipology Academy, the company behind the launch of the Safer Practice Ambassador Scheme and The Lip Genius® The Lip Genius® technique has been designed following rigorous testing and is the culmination of many years of market research, trial and testing with her team of Lipology experts. 

Insurance claims in aesthetic procedures:

2016 saw a staggering 37% increase in surgical and non-surgical claims from 2015.  That compared to 17% in 2015 and which has been on the increase year on year since.  The top three claims being Laser Treatment, Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin injections.

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