First Wellness Event in AlUla, Saudi Arabia

AlUla Wellness Festival

The AlUla Wellness Festival is currently being held in AlUla, a city located in north-west Saudi Arabia. It started on the 17th of March and ends on the 27th of March. The festival includes fitness classes, music, yoga classes, workshops, horse riding and safaris. The festival features several events over the course of the ten days, including the Five Sense Sanctuary, MindTravelAlula, Fitness X Music, Garden of Music, AlfaOne Retreat, and Sadu Escape.

The Five Sense Sanctuary offers mind, body and spirit practices such as meditation and yoga. MindTravelAlula includes a “healing” music and mindfulness experience where healing music is offered through headphones so that it can be an individual experience. Fitness X Music is a six-day pop-up event including fitness classes with PULSE workouts and trainers. Garden of Moments guides you to interact with light, space, and sound. AlfaOne Retreat offers various wellness practices such as meditation and yoga, and Sadu Escape allows you to relax and unwind during the festival.

Five Sense Sanctuary is headlining the event. The sanctuary is divided into Pavilions A and B, each pavilion focused on something different. Pavilion A focuses on physical movement, such as energetic yoga classes, and Pavilion B is centered around meditation and breathing. Pavilion B is home to the Theatre Dome, the Central Café, retail, and treatment rooms. Eight celebrity instructors and yogis will be teaching at the Five Sense Sanctuary, all bringing the newest techniques and practices to the festival. 

AlUla Wellness Festival

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