Make Wellness Your Life Mantra

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Are you feeling exhausted and stressed by a poor lifestyle, overwhelmed by negative thoughts and in need of a healing hand or two? Then consider travelling to a land far away to a retreat designed just for you. Nourish your senses, reconnect with your body and refresh your mind in this serene corner of India. The Atmantan Wellness Resort stretches over 42 acres of green valley, overlooking the tranquil Mulshi Lake and tucked away in the Majestic Sahyadris mountain range in Pune, India. The views over the lake and valley from this minimalistic resort will help to calm your busy mind and relax your thoughts.

A thoughtfully designed wellness centre for a healthy retreat

Translated as atma (soul), mana (mind) and tann (body), this is a five-star destination spa offering integrated wellness experiences. Here transformation is attained through spiritual restoration, medicinal gastronomy and a complete envelopment of the senses in the form of carefully, consciously and personally designed programmes for specific lifestyle requirements. There are plenty of facilities within the resort including a juice bar, ample spa with 23 treatment rooms to serve the 106 luxury guest rooms, fitness studios for a range of classes including yoga, pilates and spin, a physiotherapy wing, a beautiful outdoor infinity pool and an indoor heated saltwater pool. You can set your own pace whether you want to kick-start a new regime, reawaken your muscles and strength or work out tension and frustration.

Vedic healing

The wellness spirit is sparked from basking in nature’s heart and its soul rejuvenating scenery and receiving treatment from attentive healers, therapists, instructors and practitioners all honouring India’s ancient and sacred Vedic healing practices to ensure your inner light shines bright once again. Choose from massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, wraps, body polishes, chakra cleanses, Hammam and Balneotherapy to leave you feeling renewed.

Atmantan Wellness Resort, Mulshi, Pune, India

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