Greek Traditions of Wellness to Revive Youth

Greek Traditions of Wellness to Revive Youth2018-09-25T19:36:27+00:00

The ancient Greeks believed a healthy mind led to a healthy body. So if you believe in fighting the battle for youth and recontouring your shape,  immerse yourself in crafted daily programmes of treatments and activities tailored by qualified professionals and therapists towards the youthful new you.

Located close to the capital city, the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso benefits from it’s partnership with an award-winning medical and beauty clinic to offer advanced techniques and technology to achieve desired results in body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

Revitalise, rejuvenate and detox in effortless luxury amid the expansive thalassotherapy centre and wellbeing retreat built upon timeless Greek traditions of wellness, and the balance of body and spirit.

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, Athens, Greece

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