Bathing with the Romans

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Imagine immersing yourself in a hot bath steeped with history. Thermae Bath Spa in the city of Bath is the only place in Britain where you can bathe in natural thermal waters, like the Romans did 2,000 years ago. Naturally heated at 33.5°C, these waters are saturated with 42 different minerals, such as sulphate, calcium and chloride, which deliver healing properties that cure ailments and improve your wellbeing. Every day, one million litres of water gush from these springs, providing the ideal remedy for your aching pains. With one of its signature treatments called Watsu, Thermae Bath Spa gives you the opportunity to flow through these mineral-rich waters as a therapist guides you so that you achieve inner peace and outer relief. Now, bathing has a whole new meaning! Sometimes we need to retreat to rebalance. Consider a tailor-made wellbeing package at The Retreat Palm, Dubai’s first holistic wellbeing resort and home to the first Rayya Wellness Centre. This tranquil sanctuary offers a variety of programmes to detoxify your diet, elevate tranquillity, eliminate stress, manage weight and increase fitness levels. The centre houses the Glenville Nutrition Clinic which is fully licensed to carry out medical analyses of guests to recommend a personalized supportive lifestyle diet and nutritional supplements while the Natural Health Practice offers a range of nutritional supplements formulated by Dr Glenville.

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Thermae Bath Spa, Bath

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