Spring clean your make-up

Does your makeup bag hold old stained brushes, crushed pieces of eyeshadow and topless lipsticks? Have the contents spilled out, coating the bag lining with a mixture of colour shades? Then it’s time for a thorough spring clean.

Skin rashes and eye infections can be caused by out of date toiletries and harmful bacteria.

If you use sponges, clean after each use as they can harbour staphylococcus, and e-coli. Mites live at the base of our eyelashes so it is essential to keep all tools clean to avoid health problems.

Spend time to clean your make up brushes regularly. Don’t soak brushes. Use a mild shampoo or soap with warm water and work it into the hairs until the water is clear. Avoid wetting the area which holds together the brush hairs. Rinse under the tap and dap in a towel and leave to dry. Alternatively use an antibacterial spray and tissue off.

Regularly clean those hairy combs and brushes, After removing hair strands, clean with a shampoo and a drop of vinegar which will remove traces of hair products. Soak for half an hour, pat and dry.

Skin creams tend to last for a year, shampoos, conditioners and shaving creams, two years, deodorants and mouthwash, three years.

Throw out

  • Clumpy, dry mascara
  • Items which have an unpleasant
  • Out of date products – check the container for the jar symbol and the number followed by M which is the period after opening ie 6M means of life

Invest in new makeup and take note of the shelf life of your items. Keep your shiny new makeup in a cool place, not in a humid bathroom.

Finally, and not just for covid reasons, don’t share makeup!

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