Hug Deprivation

Are you suffering, from the lack of touch, that desperation for contact, a hug, a peck on the cheek, the warmth of another person’s energy?

Most of us are really suffering from skin, touch and hug starvation. Some would qualify it as neurological condition, especially all those living alone. The need for a squeeze of the hand, that cheek to cheek contact, even the air kiss. Skin contact to make us feel wanted, cared about, belonging, part of this world and our environment.

In these quiet, lonely times, do you stare at the phone, willing it to ring, ping, bleep with a meaningful message, even an emoji to signal that someone is in tune and thinking of you?

We are all “hard-wired” with the need to touch.The pandemic has denied us this fundamental necessity. This touch deficit is impacting us mentally and physically. Biologically, when the skin is touched it signals the brain to release the cuddle hormone oxytocin leading to an overall feeling of well-being. This is then reflected in our body language. The absence of touch leads to isolation and doubts of our own lovability. A walk outside is further proof of this theory, as people step away to keep their distance. Their body language and any hint of communication hidden behind anonymous masks. Friendly shops closed, no welcome, doors closed.

How to create your own TLC, temporarily:

  • Seek out touchy feely fabrics, maybe the soft touch of velvet and faux fur of cushions, rugs and throws. These convey a warm, caring environment, and comforting which is probably a reason why so many of us prefer to dress in soft clothing.
  • Pets, if you have any, are a great substitute. Stroking means you are stimulating the vagus nerve in the brain which releases oxytocin.
  • Try walking barefoot in your home to stimulate the pressure receptors in your feet. Alternatively treat yourself to a foot bath and massage.
  • A hot bath with bubbles can effervesce your mood. Follow it by slathering on moisturising lotion, an act of self-preservation and good old TLC

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