Chinese Medicine, the listening medicine

This is the time to check in with your own body. Do you feel “out of sorts” “out of kilter”? Do you feel imbalanced?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has evolved over thousands of years, could help.  Its basic concept is the natural balance of the body known as Qi which is the body’s energy flow, essential for maintaining good health. If Qi is unable to flow around the body it can mean that your energy meridians are obstructed. This is often a result of stress, injury, overwork, diet, or environmental conditions. There are a variety of treatments practiced to re-establish balance and address health problems. In acupuncture, fine needles link into any of the hundreds of points on the meridians where the flow of Qi can be redirected to restore health. Other treatments, whether herbal remedies, cupping therapy, moxibustion or tui na massage are also said to work by rebalancing forces known as yin and yang.

Tai Chi


Tai chi is another option and widely taught today. It is described as an internal Chinese martial art practiced for health benefits, meditation, as well as defence training.  It combines specific postures with gentle movements, using a mental focus, conscious breathing and relaxation. Practicing tai chi aids balance and stability especially in older people

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the whole person. It listens to rebalance the mind and body to address specific health problems.

A note on the Chinese Year of the Ox


It is the Chinese year of the Ox, a stoic animal, patient with heavy energy. It moves with its head down, plans and sets a direction and doesn’t alter course.  With the pandemic restricting our movements, perhaps we should follow in the steps of the Ox and adopt its character to steer through our covid journey obstructed by strict boundaries to avoid infection but with the strong determination to stay health and survive.

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