Worry on replay? Worry You Not.

Can’t switch off? Too many nagging thoughts? Predicting the future, rehashing the past? Many of us are inclined to overthink and worry about all and nothing – endlessly. Did you know that around 85% of what we worry about never happens.

It’s not surprising, given the current situation and the high level of public anxiety, the general lack of trust, the increasing number of social media channels of communication bombarding us with news, often hyped, causing fear, concern and panic.

Fake news, conspiracies, new research throwing out our own beliefs, adding more layers of worry – are we eating the right foods, are our cosmetics harmful, should we invest in yet more vitamins….the list goes on.

With time on our hands, overthinking fills our minds. Repetitive thoughts, or ruminations for those in the know, can seriously affect mental health and a negative approach to life. It gives us something to do but doesn’t necessarily get us anywhere.

Ways to turn down the worry switch:

Study and practise Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) uses language to combat negative cycles and attacks such thought viruses. Worry is empty energy, most of the which wec ant do anything about, most are unreal.

Write down your worries and consider each one separately. If a solution is not possible or relevant dismiss it and move to the next. Do this at night so you can sleep, leaving worries on paper rather than in your head.

Cut down on social media activity, delete as much as possible to avoid lingering thoughts and tasks.

Don’t analyse sleep patterns otherwise you will worry more and sleep even less.

Don’t allow thinking to inhabit you, experience them instead, but keep a healthy distance, making sure they don’t become a part of you.

On the positive side, the act of considering a major worry shows due diligence and duty of care while trivial issues can be controlled through harnessing your thoughts.

Focus more on quality activities and positive feelings. Stop worrying!

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