Psychedelic Medicine – Find Your Wavelength

Certain sounds connect your mind to your body which then sync with the outer world to achieve inner peace and tranquillity. Many of us have used noise therapy to achieve our inner calm, whether it be the sound of humpback whales, the pitter patter of raindrops, the crack of thunder, shuddering gongs or the ripple effect of singing bowls.

Soundscapes involving selected sounds from nature which tune in to associated feelings such as waves lapping against the shore are certainly in vogue. Taking a bolder step forward, however, is Wavepaths, set up by neuroscientist and psychedelic researcher, Mendel Kaelen.  Welcome to Psychedelic Medicine. Based on A1 technology, it works when an individual selects music which resonates with their emotional need. This is then customised into a tailored therapy – adapted music for psychedelic therapy. Hearing sounds that have an emotional connection can activate parts of the brain that are similarly affected by psychedelic drugs.

Music, according to research, can reduce stress anxiety and depression and is as effective as psychotherapy. Neuroscience has shown how music activates every part of the brain from language, emotions and memory.

So, if you are feeling low, stressed, depressed or anxious, check into  your own wavelength to find inner calm. The psychedelic effect without the drugs!


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