Plants To Keep You Happy & Healthy At Home

The doorbell rings and outside is a delivery of a bouquet of flowers. An occasion that never fails to bring joy. Plants and flowers add colour to our home, uplift our spirit and make us smile but did you know that some can also keep us healthy?

There are a number of plants which can help to keep our home healthy by eliminating the germs and toxins we don’t realise exist around us.  They act as purifiers and can do wonders for our health behind the scenes. So check out the benefits of the indoor plants listed below.

Recommended healthy indoor plants

The Peace Lily (or known as Spathiphyllum) is easy on the eye and offers instant room elegance with its white flowers and glossy leaves while in the background it removes benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene toxins. Chrysanthemums also act as another great air purifier.

Topping the list of oxygen-producing indoor plants is the Snake Plant. This plant helps to absorb carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and benzene. The Rubber plant has a dual purpose as a cleaner and purifier. It’s large leaves attract bacteria and mold spores to clean the room for you.

A study has shown that the Spider plant eliminates 95% of toxic agents from the air. This hanging plant doesn’t mind overwatering or underwatering or low, bright or indirect light making it easy to care for by those without green fingers. Spider plants are  also safe for pets. Also non-toxic to cats and dogs is the healthy Areca palm which is perfect for big spaces.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits of dotting your home with indoor plants.  According to a study by NASA, Pineapple plants can put an end to snoring by boosting air quality at night and improving sleep quality.

The Aloe Vera plant thrives in warm rooms by absorbing moisture making it a perfect addition to the bathroom. This plant releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night to purify the air. Aloe Vera offers a host of healing properties with its anti-inflammatory properties for burns and skin irritations.

Whether it’s a floral display sitting pretty on the dining room table, a Spider plant hanging above, a Rubber plant in the corner or Aloe Vera in the bathroom, make your home a healthy and colourful place with air purifying plants.

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NASA’s Clean Air Study

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