Nature’s healing touch

The healing power of gardens

Floral displays, potted plants and the green, green grass of home. Gardens are good for your physical and emotional health. Being amongst nature, surrounded by flowers, beds and borders can be calming, allowing your mind to switch off and worries to temporarily pause giving you time to adopt a new perspective.

Gardens help you to reconnect with nature, to its rhythms, growth patterns, colours and textures. Window boxes welcome each day with new growth and add a vivid dimension instantly to your home.

A new hobby and interest is good for mental health as well as learning a new skill. Chillies tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, why not grow your own vegetables which can be not only rewarding but nutritious too.

Enjoy pottering about, pruning and snipping, planting and preserving. Bending and stretching is good exercise as well as giving a good dose of fresh air and with sunshine, Vitamin D is added to the mix. Weeding and tidying a corner of your plot can give instant gratification. A new bud can bring a smile.

According to research at the University of Colorado gardening allows us to breathe in harmless bacteria, scientifically known as Mycobacterium vaccae. This is present in soil and boosts serotonin, the feel-good hormone in the body.

But if you don’t have your own garden, there are many you can visit, digitally.  Vast landscaped areas of stately homes,  bluebell woods, a royal residence and even festivals and garden events. Simply log online and immerse yourself amongst the scenic landscapes.

Created to inspire garden lovers the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is available online

Trentham Gardens, is one of the most popular paid-for garden attractions in England and is bringing its biggest Spring Bulb Festival online.

Visit the online guide of Highgrove Gardens to view the wisteria, stumpery and the mosaic water feature.

This virtual tour of Kew Gardens offers a bird’s eye view of its true grandeur.

And finally, for that haze of nature’s blue carpet bluebell woods offer an amazing serene and uplifting experience.

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