New habits for health

Integrating new habits for health through willpower and repetition over the course of a few weeks can result in the formation of new lifestyle habits. Here are a few wellness tips to add to your daily routines.

Fibre is important for smooth flow of our digestion. Ensure you have 30g of fibre daily from your food intake such as fruit, vegetables, wholegrain breakfast cereals and bread, nuts, seeds and potatoes with skin

Water is so vital to maintain hydration. Drink a glass of warm water before bed to help prevent leg cramping. Adding a carrot or banana can provide important sodium, magnesium and potassium essentials. And warm water drunk before a bath can also help to lower blood pressure by diluting sodium levels in arteries, according to Harvard Medical School. To encourage your water intake add a slice of orange, lemon or mint leaves.

Cut down on alcohol

I know, this is a difficult one but it can be done…. Plan to treat yourself later in the day. Have a glass of water nearby and take alternate between. Try to maintain the official intake measures which are 14 or fewer units per week. Even better, choose two consecutive days of alcohol free days each week. Beer, wine and gin, there are a growing number of alcohol-free drinks on the market to help. This can also help with weight-loss and to maintain a healthy weight.

Add colour

When creating your meals, think colour to make a display of your dishes. A selection of vegetables and fruit can make your food appertising and attractive.

Keep an eye on your waist size too. If it’s more than 40 inches, you may find yourself in the danger zone. This indicates that your body is carrying extra fat stored around your liver, kidneys and heart. This causes high blood pressure and affect sleep patterns. Be mindful of your food choices and nutritional intake. Be determined to cut down on fat and sugar. This can be easy to do. When cooking eggs, choose boiled, scrambled or poached. Frying increases the fat by 50%. Resist the tin of biscuits and reach for the following for more alternatives to form new habits for health.

Snack on superfoods:

A handful of sliced red and green pepper
A handful of prunes
A portion of berries
2 cups Greek yogurt
7 x Walnuts
A handful of raisins
2 servings of soybeans
3 squares of 75% dark chocolate

And don’t forget your daily exercise routine! Whether it is a brisk walk in fresh air, a pilates class courtesy of Zoom, a stretching programme in front of the tv or a spot of meditation to calm everything down.

Look after yourself, motivate other people to change their behaviour to form new, healthy habits. Following a newly formed programme can be transformational. You will find you are sleeping better, have more energy and will enjoy life to the full.

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