Goodness Me, Let’s Get Nourished!

Not sure if your diet intake provides the right amount of vitamins and minerals? Is stress, isolation, worry or anxiety taking their toll?  Here’s an answer to consider – one that’s stacked and packed and tailored to your own needs.  Think astronaut meals – it’s a taste of high-tech future.

Nourished Life stacks

Taking the form of chewable vitamins, the company, aptly named  Nourished, produces carefully formulated tablets tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs. These are 3D printed believe it or not, designed to match your lifestyle needs and then delivered to your doorstep – no fuss.

Each box contains a month’s supply of attractive looking tablets, a bit like the old-fashioned fruit pastilles in coloured layers. And they are individually wrapped in plastic-free and home compostable packaging.

The ingredients have a high absorption rate, which means the nutrient density is 99.5% higher than your usual isolated tablets. According to Nourished, you get all the vitamins, minerals and supplements your body needs, faster and more efficiently, in one vegan-friendly, sugar-free gummy. The patented vegan formula combines seven active ingredients out of a choice of twenty-eight!

These pleasant tasting vitamins are designed to be taken daily. All you have to do is answer a short online consultation questionnaire and bingo, Nourished creates a bespoke vitamin and supplement recommendation based upon your answers, hits the print button and your nutrition pack is on its way.

Nourished has been designed specifically with health-conscious consumers in mind and can create specific blends suited for each individual person’s needs. From athletes and fitness enthusiasts to boost endurance and recovery to vegans who can supplement with Vegan D3, they can offer health in a box to many.

I selected the High Flyer, the option intended to help keep you fresh and focused. Inside the pack the accompanying instructions list all the ingredients – ginger extract, vitamin B12, hydrocurc & black pepper extract, lycopene, ashwagandha, vita-algae D3, and lactospore probiotic, each described in full.  It also stated, ‘This rejuvenating combination of active ingredients is designed to stimulate your mind and combat stress to your system, leaving you to focus on your goals”. And I think it did.

The stacks are made to order in Birmingham, the ingredients 98% sourced in the UK. The company issues its Covid-19 hygiene safety policy online.  . Check out the stacks they offer here.

They tick the boxes, especially during this time of isolation

  • Healthy
  • Sugar free
  • Vegan
  • Pleasant to eat
  • Great for those who struggle to swallow traditional pills.
  • Easy to order, convenient delivery
  • Plastic free and home compostable packaging.
  • Hygienic being individually wrapped and boxed
  • Comply with the Covid-19 hygiene criteria throughout the process

However, these should not be used to substitute a healthy diet. If you are pregnant or have any medical issues or taking medication, do contact your GP or healthcare professional for advice before use.

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