The Art of Breathing

We breathe all the time and yet we take each breath for granted. As we live through this challenging time, the art of breathing efficiently has never been so important.

Focusing on your breath can help to bring down your heart rate, lower stress levels and transport your mind to a calmer space to bring forth solutions to problems you may be facing.

Many of us suffer from dysfunctional breathing by shallow or over-breathing into the chest area causing tension in the diaphragm. Opening up the diaphragm can clear emotional blockages as well as physical tensions. Overall proper breathing can energise your body, mind and soul.

Here are a few exercises and techniques to help and improve your breathing:

Alternate Nasal Breathing: Sit upright making sure your spine is straight. While closing your eyes use one finger to shut one nostril and slowly breath in and out through the other. Repeat the exercise using the other nostril. Continue until you feel calm.

 Box Breathing: This can be done sitting or lying down. Place your hand on your stomach. Inhale slowly to the count of four while pushing your stomach out. Exhale for four while pulling your stomach in. Then hold your breath for four counts. Focus on the breath rather than any niggling thoughts.

Diaphragmatic Breathing: Lie with your legs bent. Place your hands on your stomach and breath slowly and deeply into this area. Focus on your breath while pushing your stomach up and down.  Visualise the movement of your diaphragm to help unblock negativity.

Try these methods with soothing music and be mindful of how you feel before and after the exercise.

Use your breath to bring peace and calm to your daily life.  Stay well.


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