London – A City of Calm?

Can this be achieved in the city of London?

Black taxis vying for space with double decker buses, commuters with briefcases, souvenir-laden tourists all squeezed into underground train carriages. Above, planes heading to and from our busy London airports. Rush hour queues, coffee on the move, fumes, smoke, noise. No time, no space, no peace…. Or is there?

Yes, but hidden in unknown pockets of London, in parks, churches, buildings, gardens all dotted around in hideaway areas. These are the secret places away from the hectic pace.

Following careful and thorough research, a new index of tranquil places has now been revealed.  How about Japanese gardens, a tree of life, calming architecture, pretty pathways, soothing fountains, peaceful lakes and waddling wildlife. Check for yourself

Take your time to explore and enjoy the peace and calm in these tranquil settings all around the city of London.




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