Reflective Meditation

Do you write to-do lists, daily, hourly?

Our minds are often going helter skelter, never stopping, never quietening. As for  appreciating what’s around us or what we have or are enjoying, there never seems time……we’re too busy.

Meditation is one way of giving ourselves time. It’s a way of integrating a  calming art into our busy lifestyles. See it as an investment in our health, long-term. And call it “Reflective Meditation”.

All it requires is to sit quietly at the end of your day. Close your eyes, but make sure you don’t nod off. Clear all thoughts from your mind and focus on your breathing pattern to slow it down. Make each breath deeper and focus by counting – in for four, out for four.  Once you have mastered this rhythm, direct your attention to your feelings, not your thoughts. Spend around 10 minutes doing this but be careful not to clock watch. You may notice yourself smiling involuntarily, your body relaxing, coated with warmth and serenity.

We have so much to be grateful for – it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

To learn more ways of meditation quickies, check out A Monk’s Guide to Happiness, written by Gelong Thubten – Meditation for the 21stCentury. This focuses on mindfulness meditation and micro moments of meditation. The author refers to micro-rests, converting exhaustion and stress into re-centring and positivity- all in just 5 minutes!

Mindfulness reinforces brain regions which are linked to becoming calm.

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