Sunny Days & Healthy Hair

Shiny hair, flowing locks are like the icing on the cake for the ultimate healthy look. Many of us seek a tanned glow and in doing so we protect our skin with high factor creams to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays.  But what about our hair –  there at the top, nearer the sun but often neglected.  A hat popped on hoping it will suffice in protecting our golden locks.

Sun damages our hair. The UV rays break down the cuticle, leaving hair strands dry, damaged and frizzy.  It fades any colour treatment to give that washed out look. But there are tips on hand:

  • Use a sun protector against the sun to nourish the hair stem. You can comb this through to form a shield against prolonged exposure as well as the chemicals in the pool or salt in the sea. Choose a non-greasy product which weighs the hair down.
  • A hair mask, used on a regular basis, will treat damaged hair. A weekly routine will replace lost moisture and provide nourishment and protection.
  • Use a leave-in conditioning treatment containing UVA and UVB filters. This will add moisture.
  • Try to avoid over-washing your hair during summer months as this can remove the hair’s naturally produced oils. Look for products that are gentle.
  • And to top is all – hats are good – wide brimmed and fabric. Straw hats are not as protective.

Hair – hydrated and healthy!

protect your hair

wide brimmed hat

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