Smart Snacking

We have all done it…. Reached for that chocolate bar or fizzy energy drink both overloaded with sugar and then felt guilty after the initial surge of energy and that high feeling.

Today, snacking is readily available with coffee shops and stalls and street food vendors encouraging us to sip and munch as we go. The “Free From” food industry has grown to feed the increase food intolerances, allergies and  personal diet choices. Our modern lifestyles are more active and on-the-move so we cook less and rely more on pre-prepared dishes and convenience foods – the grab and go concept rather than cook and contemplate theory.

We snack to satisfy cravings or maybe because we are bored or stressed. Stress eating is a way of coping with work pressures and a time when eating becomes mindless. Stress can greatly affect appetites often with negative health outcomes.

Snacking in today’s dynamic lifestyle means we should be choosing healthier choices. It is vital that we integrate individual nutritional requirements into our snacking choice.


Listen to your body next time you head for a snack. Is it hunger, boredom or stress?  Choose wisely and mindfully and you will be doing yourself and your body a favour. Snack Smart, Snack Mindfully.


Snacks on the go:

Houmous and vegetable dips packs

Fruit and nut pieces

Fresh fruit infused water (prepared at home) in your personalised water bottle


Snacks for stress:

Tea can combat cravings, keep you hydrated and lower cortisol levels

Bananas contain potassium and vitamin B6, for stress

Nuts are a source of Vitamin B

Red peppers and oranges provide Vitamin C which lowers blood pressure and a quick recovery from cortisol surges.

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