Doctors orders – Take a walk in the park!


A walk in the park

Do you have “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

Spend at least five minutes immersed in nature – a park, the garden, a forest, somewhere nearby.  Walk slowly and be aware of all your senses – the fresh aromas, the vibrant colours, the range of sounds, the textures dotted around. Take in the detail, focus your mind, these scenes before you won’t be the same again.  Nature never stands still, you do.

Nature offers other benefits too.  The trees emit organic compounds called phytoncides to protect against disease. Evidence has shown that these benefit us too.

Natural or sculptured nature, it has the same effect. Nature is good for us all.  Our  systems are attuned more to the natural world than clicks, beeps and blue lights of our digital companions.

So….. take a walk with nature,  it’s good for you.


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