Do you have that gut feeling?

If your stomach area is feeling uncomfortable then take a closer look at the types of food you are choosing, how you eat them and how they affect your gut health.

The fermentation of food products has been used for thousands of years to preserve and create flavour to food. This is used in Japan and Korea where this process is a key element of their cultural cuisine, in foods such as Kimchi, Miso and Soy Sauce.

Closer to home it’s in the form of cheese, beer, yogurt and bread. Most contain live bacterial cultures or probiotics of good, friendly bacteria. Consumption of these live micro-organisms improves and restores our gut flora and gives health benefits for improving digestion and gut health.

Tips on gut health:

Eat slowly and on a regular basis

Have smaller and frequent meals

Aim for five portions of different vegetables and fruits daily

Choose gut friendly foods such as fibre, whole grains, low fat meat and fish, good fats and oils and fermented dairy products

Maintain a healthy body weight

Exercise regularly

And drink plenty of pure water and avoid sugary, caffeinated drinks.


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