Plants and flowers make a house a healthy home

A touch of green in the corner, a flowering plant on the table, aesthetically positioned and colour matched.  Plants and flowers make a house a  healthy home.

Plants and flowers make a house a healthy home

Spider plant

Research has indicated that splashes of living green can lower stress, heighten your mood, and, if you work from home, possibly increase productivity. They can even remove indoor pollutants – making your home a healthier place.

There’s a healing touch too. Flowering and foliage plants can help to heal by reducing fatigue and triggering a positive psychological response. Horticultural therapy in hospitals and nursing homes is evidence of the power of plants and flowers on health. When patients tend plants they benefit physically and mentally especially those suffering with dementia, musculoskeletal pain and brain injuries.

Which plants and flowers make a house a healthy home: 

The Spider Plant – In addition to cleansing the air, this one will absorb odours and fumes as well as maintaining oxygen levels in the room.

The Peace Lily – The moisture given off by these  flowers can boost a room’s humidity and thereby suppress airborne microbes which can lead to allergies. The Peace Lily needs little care with a little watering one a week in a shady place.

The Snake Plant  – This hardy plant is good for improving indoor air quality by omitting oxygen at night. Its definitely has a healthy component as it filters common household toxins toxins such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene from the air.

Bamboo or Reed Palm – is another air purifier for removing airborne smells and toxins.

Which plants and flowers make a healthy home in the bedroom: 

Plants and flowers make a house a healthy home

A lavender plant

Lavender – One of the most well-known of all plants, renowned to induce sleep and reduce anxiety levels

Jasmine – Looks calming especially its delicate flowers.

Gardenia – Can replace artificial room freshners due to its scented

Aloe Vera – Although this plant needs a lot of direct light, it is billed as NASA’s top air-improving plants. A must for your list.

Remember to:

  • Wipe the leaves weekly so plants can effectively do their job
  • Select a range of plants for best results – some that purify the air and those that induce sleep through their scent.

To read about the benefits of medicinal plants, read here

But a cautious word…. Think twice about plants and flowers make a healthy home if you have an allergy such as hayfever, a pet who doesn’t like plants or maybe you just don’t have green fingers?

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Plants and flowers make a house a healthy home

Two decorative plants on a windowsill


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