Review of The Hogarth Medi Spa: Facial Rejuvenation

Girl's face with a sprinkling of freckles: Review of The Hogarth Medi Spa

A sprinkling of freckles over the nose can be endearing but areas of pigmentation are rather unattractive. When pigmentation marks take on a character of their own action needs to be taken. And thorough research is vital. There are many cosmetic clinics out there promising various treatments at eye-watering prices but who do you trust, do they work and are they worth it? I do that research for you in my review of The Hogarth Medi Spa.

After meeting with various London Clinics, I decided to put my faith with a clinic recommended by a colleague. Word of mouth, proof of the pudding as they say, is always a good bet.

The Hogarth Medi Spa is in West London and convenient for those visiting from the centre or outside the capital. A unique feature of this facility is that the staff are personable – they care about getting the right treatment for you rather than their bank balance.

For my review of The Hogarth Medi Spa I opted for the skin rejuvenation treatment – but with some trepidation.  First came the completion of a comprehensive personal health questionnaire. Then imagery from a Skin Scanner which gave light to some scarry insights to my skin above and under the surface. This is essential to ensure the right treatment is prescribed. Skin photos are also taken after the treatment to illustrate, results, positive hopefully.  I was then tested for my reaction to the treatment on a section of my skin and to the sound and light show emanating from the machine sitting mightily in the corner.

The Harmony Xl Pro laser machine has multiple heads that can be combined to provide a personalised treatment specifically tailored to individual needs and is a clinically proven all-in-one solution for a host of skin conditions. I considered two options.

The Clearlift is used on all skin types and is almost painless, dependent on your pain threshold and be reassured, mine is low. Some call it a laser facelift. It can be sneaked in during a lunchbreak, and as it’s not invasive, there are no markings so no-one would ever know!. It does give results and is ahead of the game in facials.

The secret behind it is the acoustic energy which does not damage the skin’s surface. It works on the deeper layers. Its gentle touch allows even the eye area to be targeted. The various laser heads reach different depths of the skin to “shatter” and reduce age spots and pigmentations to even out the skin tone. The Clearlift laser also works on collagen and elastin production by causing tiny micro injuries to the dermal layer which in turn stimulates the dermis to repair itself. This boost improves the skin’s laxity, reducing wrinkles and that sagging look.

The  DYE SR or Skin Rejuvenation option uses light & heat to break down and treat superficial pigmentation lurking in the epidermis. During this treatment you can feel some heat and see light but this can be controlled by reducing the setting intensity. The pigmentation darkens after the treatment, taking on a look similar to black pepper, but thankfully it flakes off quite quickly. This option increases hydration and improves skin tone but it can have some downtime in the form of redness and heat effects.

Used together, Clearlift & Skin Rejuvenation gives the best of both worlds so naturally I chose this pick & mix option.  It took 45 minutes in total.  My therapist Nikki explained each stage in detail checking my reaction with quiet time in between.  Admittedly there was a little discomfort during the treatment but this was not painful – just my reflexes to flashes of light working overtime even though I was wearing eye coverings and the laser sounds as they hovered over the skin. On occasion, the laser felt a little too warm so this was readjusted to suit.  Nikki’s constant reassurances and the dream of silky smooth skin quickly dispelled any anxieties. I left without any traces of facial marks or redness, just with a mask of SPF cream.

What next? I was armed with advice and the invitation to call anytime if I had concerns. After the treatment I was instructed to avoid excessive heat build up from exercise, saunas etc.  I was to use SPF, the higher the better, several times a day and to avoid direct sunlight. Even under cloudy skies those rays still do their damage.  It is recommended to have the treatment again after 4- 6 weeks to allow optimum time for cell regeneration but this is all dependent on your skin type.  Results can often be seen after one treatment according to the depth of the pigmentation.

Miracles can happen and age spots can disappear but be sure this is done under safe professional hands. The Hogarth MediSpa offers a range of non-invasive treatments to hold back the years in its intimate Clinic.

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Hogarth MediSpa, Chiswick, West London W4 2NW
Tel: 0208 747 4746

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