Daydreaming Believer

Do you ever find yourself staring at nothing and thinking of, well, nothing in particular? You’re actually practising daydreaming!

Daydreaming helps in a number of ways and is constructive. If you are bored, perhaps waiting, then this is a way to use your time.  Feeling a little low, then it’s time for self-reflection which can affect mood swings for the better. Struggling to complete a taxing project or learning without much progress, then give your brain a rest with a little day dreaming and return to the project refreshed and energised.

Some critics may say that daydreaming indicates a lack of concentration or focus on what is happening in the now. Others believe mind wandering helps creativity, encourages new ideas and throws new perspectives on life.

It can also be fun. How many times has someone dreamed of winning the lottery and how they would spend all that money? The number of “what-if” scenarios is endless….  If I was younger, I would…. , if I was the boss, I would…..

Switch off and try it. Let nothingness enter your mind, without preconceptions and find out where it takes you.

Happy daydreaming!

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