Suqqu Gankin Massage: The Forgotten Art Of Face Exercising

Do you feel squeamish at the thought of surgical facelifts or confused over the increasing number of products promising age defying miracles, then perhaps consider an easier, more natural option – Suqqu Gankin massage-an ancient art from Japan.

The Suqqu Gankin massage is a traditional natural way to declare war on wrinkles. Originally used behind the scenes of Japan’s film industry, this technique rekindles the forgotten art of face exercising.  It works on the principle of muscle tone, lymphatic drainage and cell stimulation. Practised correctly, it can achieve visible results and create a radiant glow.

I booked a lesson at the Suqqu counter in London’s Selfridges where the technique was demonstrated and discussed in detail in their adjoining private room. The process starts by crossing your hands and pressing on the hallow of your collarbone while moving your head from side to side to release any tension. This is then followed by an application of their recommended hydrating cream to the face in preparation for the massage.

The Japanese favour very strong pressure, but thankfully my therapist agreed to a slightly  lighter version! The massage technique uses fingers in several configurations for various movements over the different sections and contours of the face and neck. These include  the first joints of the fingers which apply pressure to glide, rather than stretch over the skin to follow the natural contours of the face. The middle fingers trace around the eyes in a spiral motion while the thumb joints are used to press points under the brow. In contrast, downward stroking movements follow the lymph nodes to drain the system to achieve an improved defined face line. If all this sounds complicated, fear not, there is an online demonstration which is easy to follow –

This is a proven, specific technique which we can learn and practise ourselves. It doesn’t cost a mortgage and can be performed at home at your convenience in just three minutes and is recommended to be done twice a day.

This is one way to escape those eye-watering prices for potions and promises that don’t perform.

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