Are you a “Routine Rebel?”

Long lie-ins, no alarm clocks, brunch not breakfast, cocktail hour anytime and no deadlines.  The summer holidays may seem in the distant past but don’t let the fun of breaking  with habits slide away.  Stuck in your old routine?  Become a routine rebel and step into new territory!

Did you notice that genuine smile or hear that gracious compliment? Were you aware of that listed building or the music playing in the background? Add a touch of spice to your life, colour in your waking hours and positive thoughts to drive you to new experiences by breaking with habits and usual routines.

Make this autumn the time for newness in your life and feel that sense of freedom by updating or totally revamping your usual routine. You will see new things, appreciate your surroundings and introduce new perspectives into your life.   Try it and feel that lightness in your step. Join the rising number of Routine Rebels.

Here are some Routine Rebel tips to get you started:

  • Get up a little earlier and take some me time before the demands of the day take over
  • Say nice things to yourself – repeat them but believe them!
  • If you drive, take a different route and enjoy a change of scenery
  • If you walk, choose a longer route. Hold your head high and smile. Soon you will see how this influences others.
  • Give a warm smile to a person who looks sad or lonely
  • Wear a bright colour or fashion a totally different look from your wardrobe
  • Restyle your hair – add an accessory, use gel or change the parting.
  • If you like music, play your favourite and turn up the volume
  • Spritz more of your favourite perfume or spray
  • Change your beverage – if it’s usually an earl grey tea try a mocha cappuccino or green tea! Change still water for sparking
  • Out for a coffee? Go somewhere new
  • Awaken those taste buds by experimenting with styles of cooking and food combinations
  • Integrate trendy foods into new dishes – quinoa, kelp, kale, turmeric, beets, berries, oily fish – eat healthy, be healthy
  • Choose a different sport , adopt a new exercise or take your existing one up a notch
  • Eat when you are hungry, not when meal times dictate
  • Think out of the box before you sleep – this may bring in new ideas for the next day.

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