Chenot Group Launch New Facial Skincare Collection

Chenot Group has launched a revolutionary new cosmeceutical collection, developed in collaboration with renowned experts in cosmetics and skin technology.

Chenot’s innovative, scientific approach matches the formula to the skin with one or more specialised boosters in order to create a unique, personalised cosmetic treatment that changes the tone and appearance of skin dramatically. The products use special carrier technology produced in Switzerland to bind the bioactive ingredients of creams and boosters for a 1+1+1=5 effect.

This synergistic approach works at the cellular level and takes anti-ageing skincare to a new level. The restorative results are visible within 28 days and are measurable at cellular level.

Three different components – creams, boosters and a ground-breaking carrier system are combined to create this new skincare.

Chenot Group Skincare products are available at

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